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VIM has been created to help open indoor spaces once again. We will devote our talent to lead your industry back by developing an overall safe plan. Our experts and cutting edge products will help reduce risk, and significantly increase the comfort levels of all involved. Please reach out for free consultation:


VIM will implement strategies to address and comply with all state and federal guidelines in effect. Our experience working in venues in NYC and across the US, makes us uniquely qualified to map out a safe approach. Training implemented with The Event Safety Alliance recommendations, our OSHA/HAZWOPER 40 certified employees, and our rigorous shop and site safety record makes us a logical choice in “returning to the new normal”. Our staff are now trained as Covid-19 compliance officers.


A VIM mitigation coordinator (MC) will coordinate, communicate, and help you choose the technology needed to get your buissness open. The MC will disseminate vendor specific training that applies current information about hazards and the “do’s and don’ts” of infection control measures that help address and mitigate situations that may cause or lead to unsafe conditions.

Implementation & Methodology

1. Mervion Air Scrubber

  • Air quality will be assessed within the space and an air sanitation plan will be implemented. VIM teams specializing in HVAC systems can install air scrubbers and filtration systems to purify the air.

2. Wellness Stations

  • Freestanding all-in-one check-in station features touch-less thermometer readings and an ipad based Guest Wellness Form for symptom checks.
  • Includes hand sanitizer dispensers, and a TV monitor to display safety messaging.

3. Social Distancing

  • Draw up site plans to include "safe corridors of social distancing" for vendors, producers, and guests during the load-in, event, and strike.
  • Plans will also be vetted by a NYC architect for NYC DOB/DOH, Fire safety compliance, and licensed by engineer.

4. Traffic Coordination

  • Create and review a Production/Safety schedule for vehicle and person traffic into and out of the venue.

5. Protocol Check

  • Check venue for their cleaning protocol
  • Create an easy to use log to make sure hand washing, pre-entry temperature checking, and disinfecting high-touch surfaces are part of the events daily functionality.
  • If PPE is not available VIM will provide PPE including masks, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizing stations, and environmentally responsible disposal.

6. Ingress & Egress

  • Safe and timed ingress and egress, with staggered timing will be implemented in conjunction with onsite security to ensure crowds are avoided.
  • Floors will be marked conspicuously to make sure venue occupants maintain social distancing guidelines.

7. Disinfection

  • Send in an OSHA HAZWOPER 40 certified cleaning team in protective gear before any work starts to sanitize and disinfect all materials entering the venue, front and back of house areas, and HVAC ducting.
  • Same teams will remain onsite to ensure all methodology is being followed throughout the event.

8. Equipment Sanitization

  • All incoming equipment will be sanitized by the VIM team and any high traffic or multi-user touch areas such as lecterns, workstations, common areas and restrooms will be sanitized at the beginning and end of each event day. Proper disposal of used cleaning materials and PPE will be provided.

9. Close Out

  • Clients will receive a VIM “close out” document at the end of the event which includes all services provided, safety reports on vendors and individuals as well as a list of future recommendations.

I truly hope that you see the value in this service and hope to speak to you soon in regards to moving forward. Please call or email for free consultation. Be well my friends.

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